ZyLAB Adds Audio Support to Discovery Software System

Apr 21, 2011

Ediscovery vendor ZyLAB announced the release of its new ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle, a desktop software product that can identify relevant audio clips from multimedia files and business tools such as a standard telephone, VOIP, mobile, and specialist platforms such as Skype or MSN Live. The helps users involved in legal disputes, forensics, and law enforcement search, review and analyze audio data.

The ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle transforms audio recordings into a phonetic representation of the way words are pronounced so that investigators can search for dictionary terms, proper names, company names, or brands without the need to transcribe data. The software supports multiple search techniques simultaneously, including Boolean and wildcard-based search. The ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle supports a wide variety of industry-standard audio formats, including G711, GSM6.10, MP3 and WMA, as well as the audio component of video files.