Zuora Unveils Z-Business for Media

Mar 21, 2013

Zuora announced Z-Business for Media, a relationship business management (RBM) solution that enables publishers to implement Paywall 2.0. Z-Business for Media and Paywall 2.0 enable media companies to broaden geographical reach, offering cross content bundling, delivering multi-device experiences, and provide creative pricing. The result is more predictable, growing revenue streams built on long lasting subscriber relationships.

The platform helps make Paywall 2.0 possible by delivering pricing, billing and payments. It supports multiple currencies in over 200 currencies and automation of global electronic payment processing. It also includes subscription order management with support for cross-title bundling, consolidated billing for print, digital and other content formats, and the ability to add or remove content items without disrupting subscriptions. Other capabilities include support for multi-device and multi-channel experiences, flexible product catalogs for creative content monetization, and subscriber-centric analytics.