Zinio Systems Launches Reader 3

Mar 22, 2005

Zinio Systems, Inc. has announced the production release of Zinio Reader 3, a new version of its Reader software, following a successful beta trial. In addition, the company also announced the release of a second version of their new browser-based magazine viewer, Zinio Express. Zinio's new products, available immediately for download, are designed to offer a complete solution for magazine publishers and their readers. Zinio Reader 3.0 is a smaller download with faster reading performance, smaller magazine files, a new interface design from IDEO and My Magazine archive management. Zinio Express is a browser-based viewer giving readers immediate access to magazine content, optimized for sampling and promotional efforts. In particular, the new Zinio Express is intended to offer a more lifelike reading experience with faster page turning and a more engaging page flip. Zinio also offers integrated search, which allows readers to search the text of individual magazines, or the entire Zinio archive through the Zinio Reader interface.