YAHOO! Finance Launches “Weekend Edition”

Sep 17, 2004

Yahoo! Inc. has announced the launch of "Weekend Edition" on Yahoo! Finance, a weekly edition that adds lifestyle and leisure content about personal finance to the site's core weekday focus on business and investing news. The launch coincides with results from new Yahoo! polls that highlight the importance of lifestyle choices on consumers' finances. The launch is scheduled for Friday evening, September 17, 2004, at Yahoo! Finance. Weekend Edition will feature several topics per week, ranging from "Best Wedding Locations" to "Buying Your First Home," and will include content from publishers such as The Wall Street Journal Online at, BusinessWeek, and Forbes.

According to recent polls of Yahoo! Finance users, lifestyle choices have a significant impact over consumers' personal finances. Approximately 80% of consumers indicated that their monthly savings and investment habits are impacted by spending on items such as vacations, home improvement, shopping sprees, and buying cars. The poll also found that 40% of consumers spend the greatest amount of their disposable income on entertainment, ahead of those who spend most on shopping and personal hobbies. Almost 50% of poll respondents said financing retirement is the most important financial decision they will make in their lives, ahead of buying a home, having children, or getting married. Only one percent of respondents considered financing college to be the most important financial decision. With these findings in mind, many Weekend Edition topics will address trends in these areas, as well as provide advice and tools for consumers to better mange their personal spending.

The launch of Weekend Edition follows the expansion by Yahoo! Finance into other lifestyle content offerings, including the launch of "Money Matters with Suze Orman," a series of personal finance guides designed to offer meaningful and relevant financial management information to a broader consumer audience. The site also recently launched a series of "Special Editions" featuring leisure and lifestyle personal finance articles, presented one topic at a time.