Xythos File Transfer Implemented For Bellsouth Instant Messaging Users

Jan 31, 2003

Xythos Software, an Internet file management software company, has announced that its flagship technology, the WebFile Server (WFS), has been incorporated into the latest version of BellSouth's Instant Messaging service. Consumer and business users logging into BellSouth's IM solution to chat, share information, and collaborate, now have a more effective way to share files that does not interfere with corporate or personal firewalls. Xythos' technology is designed to allow users to upload files to the WFS system while a link to that file is sent to the second user in an IM. The recipient clicks on the URL to safely view or download the file. File transactions are secured by the WFS' ability to leverage industry security standards such as SSL and plugs into the existing security infrastructure of BellSouth. Sharing files over IM also has no impact on the performance of the network or ISP because files are represented as URLs inside instant messages, instead of as attachments. Using Xythos, users can manage files with key collaboration capabilities including versioning, logging and check in/out features without changing the way they interact with their applications. Xythos technology is OS-agnostic, so it will run on almost any server and support almost any storage system or database.