Xinet Releases WebNative Suite 16.05 with Adobe CS5 Support

Sep 09, 2010

Xinet, a developer of digital asset management solutions, is releasing WebNative Suite 16.05. This latest version includes a variety of plugins that allow for integration with Adobe® Creative Suite 5, including Adobe InDesign.

WebNative Suite features several plugins, including Picture Wrangler ID, WebNative ID, Annotator ID. Picture Wrangler ID provides one-click relinking between FPO and high-resolution versions of images, while Annotator ID lets customers create PDFs with interactive links to images on a WebNative server. WebNative ID creates previews of documents that have been saved after installation. Finally, Asset Browser ID lets users open a web browser within InDesign and drag and drop images from that panel directly into layout documents.

WebNative Suite is a dynamic digital asset management software environment designed to dramatically streamlines the collection, access, and distribution of graphic media for a variety of communications purposes.