Xinet Announces Uploader, Upgrade

Mar 21, 2006

Digital asset management provider Xinet, Inc. has announced its new Uploader tool and an upgrade to Xinet Web Native, an asset management solution designed for metadata-driven DAM and PDF workflows.

Uploader is a stand-alone application that lets vendors and contractors transmit photography, artwork, and other deliverables to a client's Xinet Web Native or Web Native Venture database by dragging and dropping files onto a desktop icon. Uploader can require vendors and contractors to enter metadata details before uploading files. The Web Native Venture database then automatically ingests that metadata and triggers email notifications and other actions to streamline the workflow.

Other features in Xinet Web Native Version 8, include: Interactive PDF, where users can review digital assets--and the metadata associated with them--by clicking directly on the images embedded in Xinet Web Native PDFs; RAW Camera Formats, where Xinet Web Native makes Web previews from RAW camera files from 80 professional digital camera backs, including Canon, Kodak, Minolta, Fuji, and Nikon models. Users can see previews and custom-order these files. Professional photographers can submit RAW format files to their clients, and the RAW files can be cataloged on their own Web Native servers; and Versioning for Illustrator CS, Xinet offers a companion Versioning tool that brings the same functionality for Illustrator CS and CS2 workflows. The new Versioning tool allows designers to keep track of rounds of approved revisions, enables art directors to review work in progress, and lets clients view multiple versions of artwork in the context of a document.