XING Readies for Product Pushes

Sep 16, 2010

XING released plans to launch a major new media push this fall, in conjunction with the announcement of a handful of new features for its social business platform. Along with a newly revamped design, XING plans to add a number of major enhancements, including improved navigation options and expanded mobile functionality.

Additional features in the redesign include a "Notifications" field on the start page to give users a summary of contact requests, a new "My XING" menu that will allow users to control XING's navigation from a central location, upgraded search capabilities, and the ability to instantly establish new contacts in person with HTML5-compatible smartphones and XING's new "Handshakes" functionality. is a social network for business professionals, designed to simplify the process of networking and professional contact management. The service features millions of users and more than 40,000 specialist groups.