Workshare Launches OCR Server

Aug 14, 2009


Workshare has announced the availability of its new OCR Server. Users will have instant access to edit scanned documents and be able to share information that was previously only available as an image file in PDF format. Workshare OCR Server users will now be able to edit, reformat, and reuse information, and the conversion from image to text will now be more seamless.

The Workshare OCR Server provides processing of image based files reproducing not only the words, but the formatting of documents. Users are now able to "cut and paste" the information, revise it, reformat it, and incorporate it into discovery responses, pleadings, and communications with clients or other parties.

As a server based solution, the OCR process takes place in the background and makes the conversion from image to text invisible to all users. The Workshare OCR Server leverages industry leading text recognition technology to provide unparalleled accuracy for image to text conversions and eliminates the need for additional OCR software on the user's desktop.