Wiley InterScience Launches Pay-Per-View Service

May 20, 2003

Wiley InterScience, the dynamic online content service of global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., has launched its new Pay-Per-View service--opening up access to its electronic journal and book material to individuals who previously didn't have access to the full range of the service's scientific, technical, medical and professional content. Offering access via a secure credit card transaction, the service can be used from any Web-enabled computer, allowing users to access content from work, home, and on the road. Corresponding with the launch of Pay-Per-View is the expansion of Wiley InterScience ArticleSelect, a token- based individual article supply service for subscribing libraries, which provides access to articles and chapters in non-subscribed journals and books. The service was previously available only to Enhanced Access License Customers, ArticleSelect, but has now been extended to include Basic Access License customers. The service is demand driven, so librarians need only to pay for access they know their patrons will use.

(http://www.wiley.com), (http://www.interscience.wiley.com)