Wiley Content Sharing Launches Across Wiley Online Library

Aug 01, 2017

John Wiley and Sons, Inc. announced the launch of Wiley Content Sharing across its research portfolio. The launch follows a trial that began in early 2017. Wiley Content Sharing facilitates collaboration by allowing authors and subscribers to share free-to-read full-text articles with non-subscribers. This new functionality will be available to all journals on Wiley Online Library. In addition, Wiley Content Sharing provides the public with greater access to research when following links from selected media outlets globally. During the four-month trial Wiley Online Library users shared more than 7,000 links to articles. Upon launch, Wiley Content Sharing will be available to more than 1,700 journals from across Wiley’s portfolio.

Wiley Content Sharing enables authors and subscribers to share their work with their peers as well as non-subscribers, including over social media, scholarly collaboration networks, and email. Wiley Content Sharing also provides the public with greater access to research through its media sharing capabilities. Popular outlets such as The Daily MailThe Wall Street Journal and Reuters were included in the pilot alongside specialist sites such as MedscapeNature and ScienceMag.

(readcube.com, wiley.com)