WebFeat Releases WebFeat Express 2.0 with Results Clustering; Partners With Inmagic

Jan 23, 2007

WebFeat has released version 2.0 of its WebFeat Express federated search prism. The WebFeat Express 2.0 system includes results clustering, expanded customization options, support for 7 languages, thesaurus, and WebFeat API integration. New enhancements to the WebFeat Administrative Console (WAC) are designed to enable WebFeat Express systems to be configured in a fraction of the time of traditional federated search engines.

WebFeat users can select a variety of on-the-fly merge and sort options for results--including clustered, grouped by resource, and sorted by date, author, title, and relevancy. WebFeat's results clustering capabilities deliver both conceptual and contextual analysis and clustering of retrieved content, offering a level of linguistic sophistication. The WebFeat search experience guides users to relevant information. The expanded WebFeat Express 2.0 branding and customization options are designed to enable WebFeat systems to be integrated with existing library web pages. Administrators can choose from a variety of user interfaces then customize to match the library website by adding header, footer, and sidebar art and HTML, custom descriptions and help text; create subject categories and sub-categories; and select languages. Database titles may be customized and linked to native search interfaces. WebFeat Express 2.0 "Quicksearch" search boxes may be generated using the WAC and pasted into any library webpage, including Blackboard and WebCT pages. Additionally, custom library applications may be developed using WebFeat's Applications Programming Interface (API). The heart of WebFeat Express is its WAC. With WAC, administrators can add and delete databases and subject categories, configure authentication, and customize user interfaces. WAC can seamlessly import configuration from EBSCO's A-to-Z service. WebFeat is compatible with virtually all databases, catalogs, and authentication protocols.

WebFeat has also announced a partnership with Inmagic, Inc., a provider of enterprise Research Asset Management. This partnership will enable Inmagic Presto customers to conduct federated searches across virtually unlimited external data sources. Inmagic Presto is a web-based enterprise application designed to enable organizations to provide authorized end users with immediate and consolidated access to information, even when it appears in varied formats and multiple locations across and outside of the organization. Presto enables end users to both search full text and browse, in order to access critical information. WebFeat users can simultaneously search across unlimited numbers of resources from a single interface. WebFeat's patented translator authentication and session management technology enables WebFeat to searcdfh virtually any searchable database--a feature unique to WebFeat. WebFeat maintains a library of over 6,000 database translators.

(www.webfeat.org; www.inmagic.com)