WebEx and GeoLearning Target Learning Management Systems

Dec 05, 2006

WebEx, a provider of on-demand collaborative applications, has launched Learning Manager by GeoLearning, a new WebEx Connect application designed to give small and medium sized businesses access to LMS capabilities. Created to work with the WebEx Training Center application, Leaning Manager by GeoLearning allows users to build libraries of courseware for training and eLearning.

GeoLearning's SaaS model means that Learning Manager by GeoLearning is delivered entirely over the internet. The internet-hosted learning management platform is designed to enable organizations to capture, create, manage, and share knowledge. The system centralizes and automates the learning management process.

Learning Manager by GeoLearning is one of the applications available through the WebEx Connect grid of partner applications. WebEx Connect allows users to integrate data from multiple applications and create a collaborative workspace custom designed for their particular workflow and business process. By leveraging open Web 2.0 protocols and collaborative WebEx MediaTone APIs, WebEx Connect is designed to allow developers to adapt on-demand, desktop, and enterprise applications to the platform or create new composite, "mashup" applications.

(www.webex.com; www.geolearning.com)