Watson 2.0 Sidebar Available for MSN Toolbar

Sep 23, 2005

Intellext, the "Intelligence in Context" software company, has announced the availability of its Watson 2.0 personal research assistant as an Add-in for Windows Desktop Search. Windows Desktop Search Add-ins are intended to allow people to find what they want and access information they care about.

The Watson 2.0 personal research assistant proactively brings users the information they need from the sources they choose. Watson delivers relevant search results to users' desktops in its non-intrusive sidebar while they work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer. Watson's sidebar display is continuously updated with real-time information relevant to the work being done at any given moment. This is designed to give users an instant snapshot of information that's pertinent to their work. The security and identity of each Watson and Windows Desktop Search user is never compromised, since Watson does not store or transmit any personal data. The free 30-day trial of Watson 2.0 and the Add-in is available to download at the Web site.

(www.intellext.com; http://addins.msn.com)