WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5 Adds Features

Jul 22, 2008

WSO2, the open source SOA company, announced the availability of version 1.5 of the WSO2 Mashup Server. With Version 1.5, the WSO2 Mashup Server adds WSO2 Data Services and security features for enterprise-class service composition. Version 1.5 uses the JavaScript language. The JavaScript programming model includes components that help acquire information from a range of sources, including web services, scraped web pages, AtomPub, and RSS feeds. Results can be published as a new web service, feeds, Ajax-style web pages, or notifications via instant messaging or email. New features in Version 1.5 include integrated WSO2 data services, integrated UI, API and configuration extensions, user login using OpenID, and Google Gadget support.