WP Engine Introduces Two-Factor Authentication

Mar 24, 2016

WP Engine, which powers digital experiences for websites and applications built on WordPress, announced the introduction of two-factor authentication for the User Portal, adding an additional level of security for all managed hosting customers. This free opt-in feature will be available to all 42,000 WP Engine customers effective immediately.

Recognizing that companies need more sophisticated solutions for protecting their digital identities, WP Engine releases two-factor authentication to further the security features of its platform and services. Two-factor authentication helps prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to customers' sites and potentially harming their business. Two-factor authentication requires a second factor (beyond a password) in order to gain access to the account. With this app, a user attempting to log in to their WP Engine managed account will not only have to enter their password but then also enter a generated displayed code that changes every 30 seconds in order to access User Portal. WP Engine is utilizing the Google Authenticator app for two-factor authentication on hosted sites.