Voxant Announces Viral Syndication Network

May 19, 2006

Voxant, an open distribution network for online news, has announced its Viral Syndication Network, an approach to distributing and monetizing news online. Through TheNewsRoom and its NewsCubes, Voxant will enable news organizations to push licensed news content and advertising to an estimated 43 million Web sites and 30 million blogs.

Voxant's NewsCubes combine fully licensed news content with advertising, branding, and authentication codes designed to ensure quality and journalistic integrity. NewsCubes can be virally mashed, or distributed, to hundreds or thousands more Web sites and blogs through re-mashing. Whenever the mashed content is viewed, tracking also assures that the content provider receives revenue. NewsCubes can be placed directly on news sites or in TheNewsRoom, the Web destination site for Voxant's Viral Syndication Network.