Vitrium Announces protectedpdf Small Business Edition

Mar 31, 2009


 Vitrium Systems, a PDF-technology vendor, announced the release of protectedpdf Small Business Edition, a web-based application that allows content providers of books, magazines, white papers, reports, data sheets, and other publications to define and modify reader access rights to content. Vitrium offers PDF protection that does not require readers to use third-party software to view files. The service is accessed entirely via the internet and requires no software installations or downloads. Users login to the protectedpdf website, upload their PDFs, choose protection options, and download the protected PDF for distribution. The PDF may be emailed as an attachment, posted to a website, burned onto a CD/DVD, saved to a flash/USB drive etc. for distribution. The protectedpdf allows readers to access protected PDFs without having to download any plug-ins, proprietary readers, viewers, or other additional software. In addition, publishers may modify or revoke rights including the ability to view or print a PDF after a document has been published and distributed.