Virto Debuts Workflow Status Monitor 2.0

May 03, 2011

VirtoSoftware introduced a new version of Virto Workflow Status Monitor with new features that extend its search, filtering, management, and reporting capabilities. Virto Workflow Monitor allows users to monitor active workflows in Microsoft SharePoint; administrators are fully informed on all running workflows as well as related issues and errors, because it displays all running workflows along with related reports, and offers tools for workflow and data management.

The new version is fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. Its comprehensive monitoring of running SharePoint workflows allows administrators to better manage workflows automatically instead of manually: standard Microsoft SharePoint-based solutions include dozens of interrelated workflows, while complex solutions require hundreds, or even thousands of workflows. Workflow Status Monitor 2.0 helps users quickly find workflows with a particular status on a site or in a site collection, manually or automatically restart all cancelled workflows, and receive a variety of workflow status graphical reports.