Vignette Integrates ECM Solution with HP RISS

Apr 25, 2006


Vignette Corp. has announced the integration of its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite of solutions with HP Reference Information Storage Systems (RISS) for financial services customers and Medical Archive Systems (MAS) for healthcare-- including public sector medical--customers to manage the lifecycle of information while lowering the total cost of ownership. Vignette also announced support for HP's Integrity server platform.

Customers using Vignette's Collaborative Documents and Records solution with HP's RISS hardware storage device can benefit from Vignette's document management, process automation, and records management functionality provided by the HP RISS device. Digital storage of the "complete" electronic health record makes patient data accessible to medical staff at point of care. HP MAS, combined with Vignette's Imaging and Workflow solution, provides an archive of clinical images and administrative documents to healthcare customers.