Vidyard Launches Integration with HubSpot

Jan 15, 2013


Vidyard, a video marketing platform for business, announced its integration with all-in-one inbound marketing software firm HubSpot, powering the first-ever video analytics platform in the HubSpot marketplace.

The Vidyard platform offers HubSpot customers two applications - video mapping and heat mapping - enabling marketers to access individual viewing data directly within their HubSpot contact records. The analytics will empower HubSpot marketers to refine the placement and engagement of video content.

Vidyard's video mapping application shows analytics for each HubSpot contact, including:

  • Number of video players watched
  • Total time watching the video content
  • The most recently watched video

Vidyard's video heat mapping application displays a user-level heat map within the HubSpot dashboard, which shows:

  • How long each viewer watches a video
  • What content was skipped
  • Which sections of the video were watched more than once