Viacom Re-Launches Local Sites

Jun 28, 2005

The Viacom Television Stations Group has unveiled a digital media initiative that includes the re-launch and re-design of each of its local station Web sites, adding greater functionality, interactivity, live and taped streaming video products, local, and national content wireless alerts with breaking news.

The overall initiative will also feature desktop, wireless and mobile distributed components, including breaking news, traffic, weather and entertainment alerts in voice and text and, eventually, video. Since breaking local news has always been a part of the stations' Internet efforts, the re-launched sites will now include:

A video streaming product that allows viewers to access any breaking news, live streaming television broadcasts and customized Internet-only broadband-delivered television content as well as free access to hours of each local station's archived video libraries; a local search engine that incorporates zip code driven results enhanced by retrospective and prospective worldwide search products; real-time weather maps and forecasting alerts; live traffic cameras, maps and accident/construction alert systems that support real-time routing directions; stock and financial indices, charts, and news; real estate guides; travel planners; live sports scoreboards and news; local movie listings and restaurant reviews; content sections dedicated to health, lifestyles, food, entertainment, pets, shopping, autos, careers, and much more.