Vamosa Releases Newest Version of Vamosa Content Migrator

Jan 16, 2007

Vamosa, a provider of content analysis and migration, has released version 2.9 of their flagship product--Vamosa Content Migrator. Vamosa Content Migrator version 2.9 has enhanced document migration capabilities and introduces ‘link cohesion' for the document world. Link Cohesion has been a feature of Vamosa Content Migrator and has been used when migrating web content to translate all internal website hyperlinks. The extension of this functionality to incorporate documents can be beneficial to organizations with large document and content repositories. Link Cohesion for documents allows Vamosa Content Migrator to analyze organization's documents (Word, Excel or PDF etc) and examine links held within those documents. Where necessary the product will automatically and intelligently adjust these links to maintain their validity and ensure that the content referred to by the link remains accessible in the new content management system and architecture.