Users View Influencer Content Nearly Seven Times Longer Than Digital Display Ads

Feb 18, 2016

Collective Bias, a provider of shopper-focused influencer marketing, revealed new data from its Time on Content feature, an indicator of the relevancy and quality of influencer content. Through Time on Content, the company found that consumers view their influencer content for an average duration of two minutes and eight seconds, which is almost seven times longer than the digital display ad average of 19.2 seconds based on viewability standards as measured by Moat Analytics. During the holidays, time spent with influencer content increased to two minutes and 21 seconds.

Since launching Time on Content in April 2015, Collective Bias says it has analyzed over 300,000 hours of content from more than 5,000 digital influencers, finding that brands see a 1.5x return on investment on campaigns. Additionally, Collective Bias uses its amplification and engagement technology to boost view time and engagement with high-performing influencer content. In a recent viewability report by IPG Media Lab using benchmarks from the Media Rating Council (MRC), longer time in view was proven to be directly correlated with better ad recall. Collective Bias has discovered that content that meets the Time on Content average of two minutes eight seconds generates a 5% average click thru rate - more than 84 times higher than the overall global average of 0.06% for digital display ads, according to DoubleClick.