U.S. Mobile Ad Spending Booms: Up 89% in 2011

Jan 26, 2012

eMarketer, Inc. released a report that estimates U.S. mobile advertisers spent $1.45 billion in 2011, up 89% from $769.6 billion in 2010. This year, U.S. mobile ad spending will grow another 80%, reaching $2.61 billion, the company predicts, in an upward trend that will not slow down in the years to come: By 2016, eMarketer predicts U.S. advertisers will collectively spend $10.83 billion on mobile ads.

eMarketer predicts that by 2016, more money will be spent on display and video and far less on SMS, MMS, and P2P messaging than is spent now. Nearly half (48.5%) of mobile ad spending shares will go towards search in 2016. In 2011, U.S. mobile search advertising more than doubled, eMarketer concluded, when spending grew to $652.5 million, up from just $253.2 million in 2010. This year, advertisers will spend $1.28 billion on mobile search ads in the US, eMarketer estimates.

eMarketer formed its forecast through a meta-analysis of estimates from research firms that track mobile ad spending and impressions, reported data from major mobile advertising publishers, and other sources, as well as through interviews with executives at agencies, brands, and mobile advertising publishers.