UK's National Endowment for Science, Technology, and The Arts Selects Rhythmyx Content Manager

Dec 03, 2002


Percussion Software has announced that the United Kingdom's National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts (NESTA)'s newly redesigned Web site has "gone live" with Rhythmyx Content Manager. NESTA, created by the British government in 1998 to discover, develop, and fund innovative science, technology, and art projects, uses its Web presence as the primary marketing and communication tool for reaching applicants, awardees, philanthropists, the media, and the public. In conjunction with its mission to nurture and encourage talented individuals to stay in the UK, NESTA's Web presence is used to foster public education and innovation. NESTA also uses its Web site to solicit and receive applications from interested individuals for funding new projects. Aided by Percussion's Rapid Ownership program, a knowledge transfer methodology, NESTA's team worked with Percussion's consultants on an aggressive schedule to deploy and implement Rhythmyx across its enterprise. Faced with several hundred individual designs for the site's content pages, NESTA used Active Assembly to minimize development by creating flexible templates, each of which could accommodate multiple page layouts. Rhythmyx functionality includes: Active Assembly, which allows business-level producers to group and arrange content into Web pages and documents, without requiring new templates; a Web services layer that enables content authors to use their existing content creation tools and provides integration with external delivery systems; and a configurable, engine-based architecture that facilitates the production and aggregation of content while minimizing the need for custom coding.