Twitter Unveils Transparency Report

Jul 03, 2012

In an effort to be more open about how user information is shared, Twitter announced the company's first Twitter Transparency Report. According to the company's blog, "the primary goal of this report is to shed more light on: government requests received for user information, government requests received to withhold content, and DMCA takedown notices received from copyright holders."

According to Twitter, "We've received more government requests in the first half of 2012, as outlined in this initial dataset, than in the entirety of 2011."

In addition, the report will disclose whether the company takes actions on the requests from the government or companies looking to take down copyrighted material. Twitter's first report, which is available now, will cover the first six months of the year and the second will cover the last six. The company said it will continue to publish two reports a year going forward.