TwelvefoldMedia Broadens 'Spectrum' of Mobile Ad Targeting

Feb 15, 2012


With Spectrum for Mobile, TwelvefoldMedia, formerly BuzzLogic, aims to help brands target, connect with, and persuade potential customers. Spectrum for Mobile extends a company's online targeting capabilities to mobile platforms. By "delivering the right ad to the most motivated customers in the right mindset," Twelvefold claims much higher engagements.

Beyond categories or keyword targeting, Twelvefold offers its clients an emotive-based approach to ad targeting. The result is returning specific content "down to the page level," the company says, instead of a broad reach.

Twelvefold's product is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, is formatted by device, and reportedly "matched to the most relevant content for reaching target customers." Ads are presented in the optimal format for a mobile device's web browser, per Twelvefold.