TweetUp Establishes Twitter Marketplace

Apr 13, 2010

TweetUp, Inc., announced a new Twitter marketplace designed to showcase the world's best tweeters and enable them to grow a following. TweetUp is a patent-pending platform that combines the popularity, relevance, and influence of tweets and tweeters with a bid-based marketplace. Partners including leading Twitter search clients and top web sites will display the results, enabling users to easily find the best tweets and tweeters in the world.

TweetUp addresses the needs of both users and tweeters in a single search mechanism. In addition to an algorithm that combines a variety of factors to determine relevance, tweeters can bid on keywords in a competitive marketplace very similar to what now occurs at Internet search engines. This combination of factors pushes the best tweets to the top of the results of users' searches, allowing them to find the most compelling tweeters. It also enables serious tweeters to expand their following quickly and cost-effectively.