TrafficLand Expands Real-Time Video Offerings, Distributor Network

Jan 04, 2012

TrafficLand has launched a direct sales program and increased its network of authorized dealers: Real-time traffic video content is now available directly through TrafficLand or through its authorized distributors: BeatTheTraffic, Radiate Media, and Total Traffic Network, part of Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc. In a statement, CEO Lawrence Nelson said that "... traffic information providers, regardless of their technology platform, can [now] use live video from the TrafficLand network to enhance their content."

The company also recently released an on-air video management platform designed for traffic reporters and broadcast news production. TrafficLand Broadcast 3.0 monitors large numbers of traffic cameras and allows users to search for video streams by the street on which a camera is located. Broadcast 3.0 also includes Top Cameras, a user-generated content feature that ranks cameras by viewer demand on TrafficLand's website.

TrafficLand provides live traffic video using a network of more than 11,000 cameras in 148 cities across the U.S. TrafficLand supports mobile applications, traveler information websites, broadcast traffic reporting, and navigation devices, as well as service to DOTs and public safety agencies to aid traffic management and emergency response.