Traction Announces TeamPage and Communicator Release 3.5

Oct 26, 2004

Traction Software, Inc, an enterprise Weblog software provider, has announced Traction TeamPage and Traction Communicator Release 3.5. The software now includes built-in support for WebDAV (Web Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) document handling capabilities, ATOM and RSS newsfeed syndication for "at-a-glance" information, and interface enhancements that allow users to further personalize the information they receive.

Traction Release 3.5 WebDAV support combines attachment versioning and check-out features found in document management systems with shared folder features found in traditional collaborative workspaces. Traction's permissioned access model and support for encrypted access using W3C standards are designed to make it easy to securely share files as well as articles and comments using a standard Web browser. Platform improvements include built-in WebDAV Support, which adds support for creating, editing, and versioning files attached to Traction articles or shared in per-project and server level Web folders; Microsoft Windows users can use Explorer to drag and drop or edit files shown directly in Windows Web Folders. Traction project Web pages automatically list names and links to shared files that have been recently updated or added so that users can see changes to their workspaces and react to new information quickly. Traction Release 3.5 now generates Atom as well as RSS newsfeeds, allowing weblog readers to subscribe using either syndication format. Traction allows readers to subscribe to topic or search expression based newsfeeds, with password protected encrypted access.

Improved customized interface options include allowing users to choose from a number of skins as well as control layout options such as how project lists, label lists, and sections appear on a page. Users now can create subsections in the sidebar navigation, making it easier to find and view specific information pertaining to a particular part of a project or workspace. Users can choose to show comments in RSS and Atom newsfeeds as standalone notes or in context by changing a personal preference.

Traction's Release 3.5 is available immediately and is a free upgrade for Traction Software customers who subscribe to Traction's annual maintenance plan. New Traction customers get WebDAV support at no additional cost.