Topsy Introduces Alerts and Reports

Feb 26, 2013

Topsy, the real-time social analytics company, introduced Topsy Alerts and Topsy Reports, two new alerting tools in Topsy Pro Analytics that instantly analyze billions of social conversations and deliver timely updates and early warning on breaking news and emerging trends.

With Topsy Alerts, users can receive immediate notification of a change in activity, sentiment or acceleration in any topic before it starts trending. Topsy automatically recommends alert thresholds to use based on historical data, such as the usual number of mentions for the terms you're monitoring. As soon as the threshold is exceeded, the user receives an email specifying which topic is taking off, as well as the Top 5 Tweets driving the trend.

Topsy Reports are regular email digests of particular topics that are relevant to senior executives and managers, such as a comparison between the company's brand versus its competitors', or mentions of particular stock ticker symbols. Topsy analyzes all traffic for the report time period and then picks out the top most important and insightful Tweets, articles, and other media to include. Topsy also provides statistics that allow executives to assess the impact and traction a story is getting.