Thomson Gale Introduces Single Platform for Online Resources

Sep 24, 2004

Thomson Gale, a part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced the introduction of a new platform for its online databases that is designed to allow the company's content to be searched through one user interface. As a result of this new technology, all interfaces, functionality, and content will be merged into one platform with a common look, feel, and user experience. Currently, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Thomson Gale's eBook product, and all InfoTrac products are running on the new platform. All electronic products will be migrated onto the new platform by 2006.

Features of the new platform include: A common user experience (Thomson Gale products will have the same look and feel, but will retain specific searching capabilities for particular product data sets); Improved capability for customizing the interface to specific library needs and preferences; A "brought to you by" feature that offers the library the opportunity to brand the database as its own; Support in all databases for standards and features like OpenURL, library holdings, inter-library loan, Z39.50, and Z39.80; An improved capability for federated search vendors to simplify searching inside Thomson Gale resources; Improved article-linking capabilities; Improved access to specific publication searching; and Improved access to the library catalog through the Thomson Gale platform.