Thomson Custom Publishing Introduces TextChoice 2

Jun 11, 2004

Thomson Custom Publishing, part of The Thomson, has introduced a new version of TextChoice. The newest offering of this digital database of content is designed to make it easier for instructors to develop customized textbooks and learning materials. With TextChoice 2, instructors can select material from an electronic catalog to create customized textbooks that integrate Thomson content with their own original material. Improved organization and search capabilities make it easier for users to search through and select from the titles currently comprising the dynamic database. In addition to traditional textbook content, TextChoice 2 includes value-added materials, such as chemistry experiments or short stories. Key enhancements to TextChoice 2 include updated and expanded content selections, enhanced search capabilities, improved organization, and a wider choice of formats, including print, CD-ROM, and ebook options.

By following an intuitive, three-step process, instructors select content, choose a cover design, and submit their project for publication. Thomson's custom publishing specialists are available throughout the development and production process to answer questions and provide additional guidance. TextChoice 2 offers educators a number of options for creating custom materials: They can assemble their custom materials from scratch, build from their own previous projects, use pre-assembled custom projects, or upload original material. TextChoice 2 automatically generates a new index, repaginates the project, and prepares a customized table of contents. The system then allows instructors to view the entire customized product online.