Thinkmap Introduces Thinkmap SDK 2.7

May 22, 2007

Thinkmap Inc., a provider of visualization software, has released version 2.7 of its flagship visualization technology product, the Thinkmap SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK is a full-featured application designed to enable developers to create visualization applications such as Thinkmap's Visual Thesaurus. These visualizations are used in financial services, government, education, and other industries, designed to help end-users navigate and understand relationships in large data sets.

The new version offers a number of features including: the ability to extend functionality through applying JavaScript from within XML configuration files; a new Eclipse-based Editor, which gives Thinkmap developers an IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) and the ability of new developers to work with the technology; an improved installer and documentation, which can speed up the process of developing applications with Thinkmap; and other behind-the-scenes improvements.

The Thinkmap SDK provides a toolset designed to allow developers to create applications for representing and navigating complex data sets. Thinkmap works with multiple data sources (XML, SQL, and Flat File Data) to present multiple views of the same data simultaneously, as well as incorporate multiple data sources into one visual interface. The Thinkmap SDK provides components for visual look and layout, behavior of the visualization, and data access and control. Several pre-configured visualizations are available to choose from; users can try different views of the same data. In addition, tutorials, a complete set of examples, and a library of interface elements are available to assist developers. Thinkmap SDK is sold in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Prices start at $10,000. The product can be purchased direct at the Thinkmap website.