TheBrain Technologies Releases PersonalBrain 4.0

Jul 17, 2007

TheBrain Technologies have announced the availability of PersonalBrain 4, an upgrade of its information visualization and organization software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users. PersonalBrain’s user interface and linking technology enables users to connect ideas, files, and web pages within a visual interface.

Expanded Thought Views let users open and view multiple generations of Thoughts at once. This feature is for impact assessment, network mapping, and risk management. Users can print out poster-size PersonalBrain maps. Advanced Search retrieves all relevant documents, notes, calendar items, and web pages with a single search command. PersonalBrain allows users search their digital world, both online and offline. PersonalBrain for Windows supports searching within 200 file formats including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. HTML Export is intended to export as HTML in an outline format or as a SiteBrain, which uses Ajax technology to create animation inside a web browser. Publishing a Brain online requires uploading a folder to a web server. Zoomable Icons and Images enable users to instantly view images that are associated with Thoughts. ESP Sync enables PersonalBrain to automatically move to what the user is working on in other programs. Outlook Integration lets users link directly to messages, contacts, and appointments. Personalization enhancements showcase the visual of TheBrain interface with translucency effects, rendering, and wallpaper. The new Themes feature is designed to allow users to change the look of their Brain to suit their mood and task. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers are all supported, and cross-platform supports are designed so users can use one Brain across multiple operating systems.

PersonalBrain is offered in three editions: Free, Core, and Pro (the most powerful edition). PersonalBrain Free is offered at no charge. This new edition does not expire and lets anyone link ideas and Web pages on their desktops. Pro and Core editions are priced as follows: PersonalBrain Pro $249.95, upgrade $169.95; PersonalBrain Core $149.95, upgrade $99.95. Customers who purchased a copy of PersonalBrain after October 31, 2006 can receive an upgrade to PersonalBrain 4.0 Core. PersonalBrain 4 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista; Mac OS X 10.3+; and a variety of Linux and Unix versions.