TheBrain Releases Lotus Notes Connector v1.0

Sep 12, 2003

TheBrain Technologies Corporation, a provider of knowledge applications, has released Lotus Notes Connector v 1.0 as an additional component of BrainEKP, TheBrain's enterprise knowledge platform. BrainEKP's Lotus Notes Connector is designed specifically for companies creating and accessing information within Lotus Notes. The connector is intended to help companies see and leverage their Lotus Notes information in the context of company projects, customer scenarios, business processes, and the broader information landscape that exists beyond Lotus Notes.

BrainEKP's Lotus Notes Connector is designed to allow companies can: create dynamic connections and relationships across multiple Lotus Notes databases; visualize Lotus Notes information within the context of all related information and business processes; see and understand information relationships to ensure that important data is not overlooked; and connect Lotus Notes data to separated sources such as relational databases, documents, Web pages and enterprise applications.

BrainEKP's visual user interface provides a graphical representation of information and its relationships. BrainEKP connectors allow the incorporation of virtually any data source from its native repository. Once a repository is connected to BrainEKP, each item within the application can be linked and viewed with any other item, including those from other repositories. BrainEKP's Universal Data Access provides one interface that enables navigation across multiple information repositories, allowing companies to organize information based on its logical context instead of its physical location or application.

The Lotus Notes Connector was a joint development project between TheBrain and Ekakan, one of TheBrain's newest resellers and integrators. Ekakan selected BrainEKP as their primary knowledge management solution for project management and client solutions, in addition to signing as the official Scandinavian reseller and integrator of BrainEKP.

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