The SoftInform Company Releases Full-Text Search

Mar 07, 2006

The SoftInform company has released a new version of the system for full-text search and similar documents search in SearchInform 2.0. SearchInform 2.0 features a remake of the index creating process. This optimization trebled the speed of indexing large documents as compared to the previous versions (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour compared to 6 Gb/hour in version SearchInform 1.8).

In addition, SearchInform 2.0 has been completed with its own PDF-files parser (instead of the previously used Adobe Filter), as well as the ability to index and search in instant messengers logs ICQ 99-2005 Microsoft Messenger, and support of the MDB format. The SearchInform Desktop software for personal search has been expanded with the new version of SearchInform Desktop Enterprise.

SearchInform Desktop Enterprise supports automatic parsing of the MDB format, designed to relieve the user of the need to select database fields manually and indexes all information for further search. The MDB format is parsed automatically, without connecting these files as a separate data source. When indexing the files on user PC or in the local network of the company, SearchInform Enterprise automatically parses MDB files and adds all the fields that contain any textual information. Another bonus is an additional module called Outlook Search to index and search information in Outlook electronic messages. The delivery package includes a specially developed add-on that installs a SearchInform Outlook Search panel and the search shell into the Outlook mail client.