The Enhanced Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library, Partners with Elsevier

Sep 21, 2007

Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc, a health sciences distribution company, and Elsevier have partnered. Under the agreement, Rittenhouse will distribute selected Science and Technology titles via its R2 Digital Library platform. Several titles from Elsevier will be available via the R2 Digital Library. Some of these titles include: Birren's Encyclopedia of Gerontology, Fink's Encyclopedia of Stress, and Kaas's Evolution of Nervous Systems. Rittenhouse has also announced the addition of Course Links to the R2 Digital Library. The R2 Digital Library is focused on digital book content for health sciences. Course Links enables librarians to support course management and other educational software through the integration of links to R2 Library resources. Working in conjunction with their library, faculty can create links for authenticated users to R2 Digital Library resources to support class assignments, assigned reading, and follow up for class.