TextCafe Version 3.0 Now Supports SVG

Nov 26, 2002

Texterity, Inc., a provider of electronic publishing services, has announced TextCafe Version 3.0, providing conversion of PDF into SVG pages, XML table of contents, and document search indexes. SVG provides customers with an XML representation of pages comparable to the original printed page. The solution supports any Web browser without a plug-in, or the SVG Reader plug-in from Adobe Systems. Features of TextCafe 3.0 include: access to SVG-based material; the ability to create PDF's from virtually any application; the ability to deliver content via the Web, email, or offline; support for protection of output, text obfuscation, and control over printing, copying, and forwarding of material; and detailed tracking reports for viewed information, including search criteria used, pages viewed, and off-site links. The TextCafe 3.0 SVG services include: Conversion--generation of SVG pages, image extraction, search indexes, and XML table of contents from PDF input; Enhancement--automatic generation of links into SVG pages; metadata extraction, linking and highlighting; and XML TOC level creation; Hosting--Web site development, integration, custom look-and-feel documents, links to existing site locations, and authenticated access; and Custom--Web site integration, development, and graphical user interface design for "custom skins" for on-line or off-line electronic books. TextCafe version 3.0 services are available immediately. Markets served include digital library, journal, technical documentation, catalog, digital magazine, and promotional materials. Pricing can be obtained directly from Texterity at their Web site.