T-Mobile Chooses Intranets.com

May 28, 2004

Intranets.com, a provider of on-demand collaboration services, has announced that T-Mobile has rolled out the Intranets.com solution to project team members located throughout New England. Intranets.com offers a collaboration suite that includes document management, calendaring, database management, Web and audio conferencing, task management, and many other customizable applications. All of the applications are designed to work within an integrated browser environment.

Rather than cope with hefty email attachments or problems with version control, T-Mobile designers now use the Intranets.com Document Manager to make edits to network construction plans and can then share the updated plans with other team members via a Web link. In addition, the Intranets.com Group Calendar gives all project team members a view of the latest deadlines and meeting dates. Using the Task Manager, team members can also manage the progress of any activity from one view. Finally, Intranets.com's new Web and Audio Conferencing application allows any member of a project team to set-up an online conference to review materials, plans, or other project information.  

(http://www.intranets.com), (http://www.t-mobile.com)