Syntext Unveils XML WYSIWYG Editor

Dec 09, 2003

Syntext, Inc. has announced general availability of Serna, a WYSIWYG XML (extensible mark-up language) editor. The new editor is designed to author XML documents in their final (printed) appearance, in addition to their unformatted representation. Serna also provides full functionality on both Microsoft Windows and Linux OS and is capable of editing multilingual Unicode-based XML documents. The key features of Syntext Serna include: support for industrial XML standards DocBook, DITA, and TEI; XSL rendering (using XSLT and XSL-FO), document validation (based on XML Schema), XSL-FO and CALS table support, multilingual spell checking, and availability for Microsoft Windows(TM) (2000, XP) and Linux. Free, fully functional trial downloads of Syntext products are available online.

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