Syndication Version of ACAP Ready for Launch

Jun 10, 2011

The latest version of Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP), the publisher-led project to develop tools for online copyright permissions information, was presented at International Press and Telecommunications Council's (IPTC) Business Meets Technology Day in Berlin. Version 2.0 of ACAP targets business-to-business content syndication, with a special focus on the context of licensing newspaper stories and the exchange of video content by news agencies. 

The publication of ACAP 2.0 transfers the management of the specifications created by ACAP is transferred to the IPTC, a consortium of the world's major news agencies, news publishers, and news industry vendors that develops and maintains technical standards for news exchange.
ACAP 2.0 covers basic use cases from the news industry. The project spent the past year developing usage policies in news syndication and also in business applications of online content delivery. The first version of ACAP was designed primarily to express usage policies for publicly available online content in web pages in a formal and machine-readable way, while version 2 extends Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) for news industry specific requirements.