Syncro Soft Releases New Version of XML Editor

Mar 07, 2006

Syncro Soft Ltd, the producer of XML Editor, has announced the immediate availability of version 7.1 of its XML Editor, Schema Editor, and XSLT/XQuery Debugger. Version 7.1 of the XML Editor adds support for Berkeley and eXist XML Databases, an XSL templates view for navigation through the edited XSL stylesheet and an XPath builder view for editing complex XPath expressions.

New features in version 7.1, include: the ability to run XQuery transformation scenarios against the eXist or the Berkeley DB XML Databases content; document loading time was optimized so that large documents are loaded up to four times faster. The spell checking works faster for long documents and for documents that have very long lines (thousands of characters); a annotation tooltips for the XML attributes has been added--if a user places the cursor over an attribute, the application will display a tooltip containing the annotation defined for that attribute in the associated document schema; users can define colors for the tags starting with a certain prefix. More than that, they can choose only the prefix to be colored differently, the name of the element being colored with the default element color; the list of templates defined in the edited XSL stylesheet is sorted and presented in the Templates View; the XPath view allows editing of multi-line expressions. The executed expressions are stored in a history list and they can be reused as necessary; the ability to bundle XSLT processors, and it is possible to configure other XSLT processors, like Sablotron, Transformix, XT, and Oracle XSLT.

Several components were updated: Xerces parser to latest 2.8.0, XMLSec for XML signatures to 1.3 and Saxon 8B XSLT processor from Saxonica to the latest 8.7 version. also supports the Saxon8SA 8.7 (that requires a separate license from Saxonica). XML Editor and XSLT Debugger is available immediately in two editions: Multi-platform Academic/Non-profit license costs $48.00 and the Multi-platform Professional license costs $180.00 (20% off from the list price) if bought before March 15. XML Editor and XSLT Debugger can be run as a standalone application on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and as an Eclipse plug-in.