Syncro Soft Announces Release of Oxygen XML Editor version 17.1

Oct 22, 2015


The newly released oXygen XML Editor version 17.1 includes updates and improvements to make users XML authoring and developing experience more productive and effective. The company says the performance of many of the integral components has been optimized and numerous features were enhanced and fine-tuned to make oXygen XML Editor more powerful, dynamic, and easy to use. It also features a spectacular new visual design that makes everything look crisp and beautiful.

Various DITA-related operations and dialog boxes have been reorganized to maximize efficiency and convenience. You can also now enable experimental editing and publishing support for DITA 1.3, including new file templates, scoped keys, and branch filtering. oXygen XML Editor extends support for resolving errors and managing the structure of documents. Support for XML Quick Fixes was expanded and their performance improved, while XML Refactoring actions were enhanced.

The oXygen WebHelp system was also revamped to enhance users' published output. Google Search, Google Analytics, and some popular social media widgets can now be integrated into the WebHelp system and search features are now available in offline mode.

Improved CSS support includes optimized performance and the ability to use several properties that were previously not supported. Additionally, the oXygen SDK contains many new API updates and the web-based component provides new extension points to facilitate various integrations.