Syncro Soft Announces New Version of Oxygen XML Editor and Oxygen XML Author

Feb 27, 2009


Syncro Soft Ltd. announced the availability of version 10.1 of its XML Editor and XML Author containing a set of tools supporting all the XML related technologies. Oxygen combines content author features like the CSS driven Visual XML editor with an XML development environment. It has ready to use support for the main document frameworks DITA, DocBook, TEI, and XHTML and also includes support for all XML Schema languages, XSLT/XQuery Debuggers, WSDL analyzer, XML Databases, XML Diff and Merge, and Subversion client. Version 10.1 adds a new XML Schema diagram that allows visual XML Schema editing, a new XML Schema documentation engine supporting multiple output formats, new features in the Author visual XML editing mode, improvements in the Outliner, and content completion and updates to database support. The new version adds a new visual editing page for XML Schema, in addition to the hybrid text/diagram page.