Sybase iAnywhere Announces Availability of AvantGo for RSS

Jun 09, 2006

iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced the general availability of RSS features for its AvantGo mobile Internet service. With AvantGo for RSS, users can view mobile RSS subscriptions for free. AvantGo users can add any RSS feed to their account, without installing additional software, and then synchronize using a wireless or desktop Internet connection to receive the feed items in a format optimized for their device.

With this functionality, users can: sync and view new RSS items/articles; save up to five RSS items per AvantGo RSS channel; share photos, allowing users of photo sharing sites that offer photo feeds to use AvantGo as their mobile photo album; personalize RSS channels to optimize feed subscriptions, set the maximum allowable size for the channel and whether or not to include images; subscribe to RSS channels on-the-fly with AvantGo's AutoChannel bookmarklet for RSS; and promote their own website or blog RSS feeds by creating a button that enables users to add their site to AvantGo. iAnywhere's new AvantGo for RSS service is immediately available for AvantGo 5.7 or above users.