Swets and MuseGlobal Partner for SwetsWise Searcher

Apr 20, 2007

Swets and MuseGlobal have announced a partnership to incorporate the Content Mining capability into Swets' hosted federated search tool, SwetsWise Searcher--which can help users refine search results. The Content Mining tool allows users to drill down to the most applicable information by ‘mining' the returned search results on each query, identifying common terms found in those results, and weighting the terms based on frequency.

With SwetsWise Searcher, customers can select up to 30 source packages from a list of more than 4,000 data sources. This combination of a hosted IT environment and source database is designed to facilitate implementation. SwetsWise Searcher also offers web-based administrative tools and personalized search profiles, giving administrators control over the configuration and customization process.

(www.swets.com; www.museglobal.com)