Survey Shows IT Departments Respond to an Average of 188 Email Discovery Requests Each Year

Sep 05, 2007

According to a recent survey conducted by Osterman Research for email archiving provider Fortiva, email discovery requests are putting a significant strain on IT resources. The survey shows that IT departments face an average of 20 litigation-related requests annually; for organizations with over 1000 employees that number jumps to 32 litigation-related requests each year. In addition to legal discovery requests, the survey reports that IT departments receive an average of 36 business requests, 24 regulatory or audit-related requests, and 108 end-user requests annually. According to the survey, retrieving raw email data for a single legal discovery request takes almost a month. Since this does not take into account the time required for a legal review of the data, IT teams may also be required to spend additional time supporting the legal discovery review. The survey was conducted by Osterman Research between July 1 and July 19, 2007 among 102 North American organizations with a median of 1000 employees that do not have an email archive in place.