Study Says Content Commerce Strategies Drive Increase in Sales Results

Oct 27, 2016

A recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of commercetools confirmed traceable business benefits of content commerce strategies. More than half (51%) of companies who have combined their content and commerce strategies say increased sales are a main driver. However, the study also exposes the technological and organizational challenges that need to be overcome to capitalize on content commerce in the long term.

Respondents participating in this study included both content commerce “doers” (45% of the surveyed companies that have already converged their content and commerce strategies), and “planners” (another 50% who are currently in the planning or implementation stage). Doers and planners each have unique content-related challenges: Doers have found that measuring the impact of their content commerce strategies is the biggest obstacle (57%). Meanwhile, planners expect the personalization of their content to be the most problematic (76%). Nevertheless, the majority of companies actively pursuing content commerce strategies are planning to increase their initiatives in the future to further differentiate their brand and offer from their competitors. Doers find that by utilizing content commerce, they see traceable business benefits, with the majority naming their increased sales metrics (51%).